lørdag den 14. februar 2009

Feb. 14th

So I decided I wanted to make a list of stuff I thought was weird at some point:

-Many drink Coke for breakfast/ in the morning

-Boys & girls having sleepovers are not accepted at all 

-They don't like showing affection in public 

-They do mind you changing clothes in front of them

-It is illegal to cross the street if you don't use the crosswalk

-It is illegal to drink alcohol in a car - not only for the driver

-For birthdays, you bring cake, cookies and balloons. Not the one celebrating his/her birhtday

-Europe is pretty much considered the coolest thing ever

-Christmas is waaaaay bigger in Denmark and France. Not what I expected

-If they can drive, they will. Including going from one store to the other = a 30 second walk.

-Taking the bus is considered dangerous.

-They like being busy. What Danish people consider as relaxing, they consider wasting their time and being bored.  

I think that was some main ones for now.. I might think of more and post them.
And I also want to point out that this is here, Atlanta, Buckead, and probably not all over America.

Hope y'all are doing well!

3 kommentarer:

Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

haha so funny! yes boys and girls at sleepovers is weird in the US! I just went to a sleepover at my friend Casper's and slept side by side with boys and girls. no biggie! and no! you can't not change clothes in front of each other at home.. even your girlfriends! i think it's weird now..
and yes! i love my relaxing time now.. but at home i would have thought it was so boring..
good points! keep adding!
knus francine

Camille sagde ...

hahaha, i'm glad you can see the differences too!
you should try to make a list too (:

Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

ok.. i just realized that i wrote can't not change clothes. this is what exchange does to you: progressively makes your english worse and worse.. (except in your case!)