torsdag den 19. februar 2009

Feb 18th

There was a tornado yesterday. Or several actually, but only one was in the Buckhead area.

So; I was a track practise since I am a manager, and just when it was over, I was walking back from the field to get picked up when the thunder something went on. Basically it meant that they couldn't do sports outside, and the swimmers couldn't swim anymore. 
Agnes picked me up, and once home, LeighAnn came to pick me up so we could go back to school and go to Open Studio (3 hours where artist can just come and work on whatever projects or do figure drawing).
Lightnings started to strike everywhere on our way there. And it was really scary, because they were literally right on the other side of the road, on the soccer and tennis fields. Luckily, no one was out there anymore. I was really freaked out.
We went quickly to the gym because LeighAnn had to turn in some application thing to a lady, and then quickly back to the car. We drove to the junior high pick-up-lot and parked, when the tornado alarm went on. Of course, we freaked out again, so we raaaaaaaaaaaan from the car to the school. After a few minutes, we got told to go sit in the hallway until it was over. So we sat there... After a while, they started drawing in the hallway, so they didn't waste too much time. I was kind of hoping we would be stuck all night, so we couldn't go to school next day and we could starve. But not really. Hahaha
I started feeling really sick, and then they called all clear, so I ran to the bathroom and threw up. Agnes picked me up, and I went to bed right away. I didn't wake up untill 7 am this morning. SO basically I slept for 12 hours. Agnes said it was probably better if I stayed at home today, since I probably have a stomach virus. So here I am, at home.

Other than that, my weekend was crazy!
Thursday night was the Valentine's dance. We went to Katie's house - me and my sophomore crew, had dinner, dressed up, and then went to the dance. It really wasn't that great at all. A lot of people were disappointed by the "Argentines-not-aloud-to-dance". Anyways, Carolina showed up, I was happy, and then I went to spend the night at LeighAnn's house.
We had late arrival on Friday - 9 am, so we went to get breakfast at Goldberg's (bagels). It was yummy! Friday night, I hung out with Carolina, Glenn, Daniel and Jake. It was a great night.
Saturday morning, we went to get breakfast at WaHo! Better known as Waffle House (Kind of like McDonalds, but for waffles. Fast food waffle). I got a super yummy double waffle with chocolate chips. I wasn't able to eat for the rest of the day.
Saturday night, I went to Peyton's house for her sweet 16! We went to get Chinese food, went to Starbucks, and just hung out all night. It was great.
Sunday, LeighAnn and her friend Zack from NYC, came and picked me up, and we all went to LeighAnn's house. We got ready to go to Opera (I repeat, a fancy club, not an actual opera). A lot of people joined us at her house. Some of us went to Tommy Dorfman's house (a kid that goes to Paideia - another private school in Atlanta, known for being pretty artsy and liberal) and warmed up. Then we went to Opera, danced all night, and had trouble finding a ride home since everyone just left, and no one had their cellphones, because they were in the cars - but we got a ride from a Westminster kid somehow, and got home. Yay
We had Monday off, because of President's Day, so we (LeighAnn, Zack and Rickman - a junior at Westminster) went back to Tommy Dorfman's house and spent the day with him. He's really cool.
That was pretty much my weekend.

Well, I hope y'all are doing well.

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Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

hey! man i love your blogs! but where are the pictures? ;)
knus francine

Camille sagde ...

I'm glad! You wanna know the truth? Well, my camera doesn't work because it's uncharged. And my charger? It's at my 1st host family's house. Apparently they can't find it. It sucks majorly. . .