tirsdag den 9. december 2008

9. December 2008

AFS Christmas party!

Julio, Me, Guy, Carolin, Alessandra, Andy, Taresa & Luisa (Pedro, Oscar & Michael are missing)

(only from the picture party @ Aubrey's house)

Getting a boutenniere on a jacket = not easy.

Getting a corsage on my wrist? Easier.. Haha

Me, Agnes & Glenn

Glenn, me, Aubrey & Marco being silly

All the girls (@ Aubrey's)

Me & Cammie being super cool. Allison being absolutely gorgeous (in the blue dress)

Cammie and me! Yay!

Glenn and me

I hope y'all enjoyed the pictures! I will actually write what happend another day. But it was fun, as you probably can see!

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