mandag den 1. december 2008

1. December 2008

December is finally here! Yay!
And you know what? It snowed today. How perfect is that?
Actually it was only a little bit, and it didn't stay on the ground at all. But I mean, it's Georgia, snow just doesn't happen here.

We, sadly, started the day with an assembly telling us that a girl, called Monica (I didn't know her) commited suicide over the thanksgiving break. Everyone was quiet, beside the few people crying, and very respectful. There were some very nice speeches about how much they (the Westminster faculty) care about us (the students) and how we were supposed to handle all of this. Even when we were dismissed and walked out, nobody talked. I have never seen that before. 
We just had normal classes afterwards, but everyone was schoked.

Yesterday, we came back from Nebraska, after a 10-hour drive through Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee and finally Georgia. We spent the night at a hotel in St. Louis and left in the early morning. 
Anyways; thanksgiving was fun! It's mostely eating and sleeping, but I really enjoyed it.
We arrived to Nebraska on Wednesday (after a 10-hour drive to St. Louis - to get Carolina at her college, a night in St. Louis and a short trip by airplane to Omaha, NE) where Steve's dad picked us up at the airport. We drove for.. an hour I think, before we got to their farm - litterarly in the middle of nowhere, where the rest of the family was. Actually not quite "the rest". Just Steve's mom, his sister and her husband and their 3 kids from Texas.
The rest of the family stayed at Steve's other sister's house, not far from the farm.
Glenn came with us, so he and Carolina were pretty much spending all their time together - which is understandable, since he is still at Westminster and she in college, and they see each other rather.. rarely. So I chilled with Marina. Which was cool. Marina is cool! (So is Carolina!)
On thanksgiving day, we went to Steve's sister's house to celebrate it with the entire family (actually some cousins were missing.. but whatever. Almost then). We played Nintendo Wii, talked, ate, watched football, took naps, ate more, went for walks.. Stuff like that. Pretty chill, but very nice. The food was delicious! Even though I couldn't eat the turkey. I had mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, broccoli casserole, bean casserole, salad, bread and a looooooot of pie!

This weekend is going to be pretty busy! 
I have a rehearsal for a concert (with the chorus) at Holy Spirit (a church) and something planned with Laurie (my new AFS liason) on Saturday.
On Sunday: first I have the concert at Holy Spirit, then I have an AFS christmas party, AND because it is PDC day, I have the picture party and THEN the PDC itself! (Credits to Aubrey for getting me a ticket!). That is a lot on one weekend.. But I'm really excited! PDC is going to be fun! 
And seeing my AFS buddies again - EVEN BETTER!!!! YAY! :D

Oh well, I hope you all enjoy christmas time!

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