søndag den 23. november 2008

Okay this weekend was awesome!
Friday night, I got to hang out with Glenn and Daniel. And they are pretty awesome. It was fun.
Then, on Saturday, I went to Meron's bithday party. She held it on a party bus. Yep, super VIP! Naah, it was an old school bus painted black, and pimped on the inside. But it was fun, we danced with the pole (ha ha ha ha, I know) and yelled at people we were driving by. 
After the party, I went to Brianna's house. We went to see the new James Bond. I really liked it. But it was too short somehow.. It felt like a lot of information was missing. But whatever, I liked it. And the girl is soooooooo pretty! And her name is Camille! Yay :D
Sunday morning, I went to church with Brianna and her family. That was really different. People were wearing nice clothes, they said AMEN at random moments, and it took 2 hours. I think I would have liked it if had not been that long. I also felt kind of akward, because I was the only white person in the church. Not that I am judging by skin colors, but other people do (no offence, but it's the truth).
Afterwards we (Brianna and I) went to the High Museum with Brianna's .. group.. of young people? I don't really know what it was. A group for young black kids. So again, I was the only white kid, and they all looked at me like I was.. very very outstanding. But when we told them that I was a foreign exchange student, they were all cool. 
We saw an exhibition called The First Emperor. It was about the Qin dynasty and the Terracotta army, and very interesting. I liked it.

After that I just went home and chilled out with the family. Kyohei and Marina were there, so it was extra fun!

We are leaving for Nebraska on Tuesday! Yay! My first Thanksgiving.

Well that was it. I really hope I get my camera cord back soon, so that I can upload some pictures!

Hope y'all are doing well!

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