onsdag den 12. november 2008

12. November 2008


Well, I feel like I have to tell you about my weekend, because it was really awesome.

So Friday night, I was supposed to go to Shelby's house, for a sleepover. So we did. And when I walked in to her room, 7 girls jumped out of all kinds of their hiding places and yelled "SURPRIIIIISE!"! (Hayley, Caroline, Anna, Peyton, Maria, Katie and Claire. And of course, Shelby and myself were there also). They did that because I wasn't going to have a sweet 16 birthday party. That was soooooo nice of them!!!! I jumped up at first and almost screamed, but afterward, I almost cried of joy.
We had dinner, cake, danced, did our hair and make up, talked, and stuff like that. It was a great night.

Then Saturday night, Of Montreal was playing at the Tabernacle - a venue in Atlanta. I went with Leigh Ann, Cat, Rachel, Glenn, Jake & Daniel. They are all seniors, so I do feel kind of young, but they're being really nice, so I don't think it matters to them. Which is good, because they're awesome people. 
The concert itself was pretty amazing. The stage-show was really cool. They all wore different costumes for every sond and they danced and stuff like that.
When the concert was over, we went to sleep at Daniel's house. We = Glenn, Jake, Daniel and me. We played Nintendo64, ordered pizza, watched a movie, and finally went to sleep at.. 5 am. At least, Glenn and I did. 
Next morning we went to The Original Pancake House and had pancakes. They were really good. Fun times!

Everything is going pretty well at school. Chinese is getting more intense, but I really like it, so it is okay. 
French is fun. I really enjoy being able to communicate with a native French person (my teacher, M. Mourjan). Actually, to make this a bit more fun, a funny quote!
M. Mourjan: Où est Lindsay aujourd'hui?
David (with a very American accent): Ca n'est pas mes oignons monsieur!
- It just seemed funny that a non-native or at least fluent, would use that expression..
I laughed pretty hard for a couple of minutes. Which I do often. As the only one, the other students don't understand the funny stuff. 
We started to sing the Messiah in Chorus. It's fun. And hard - like WOW. But I will learn it. Somehow, I will! 
We are working on a Graffiti project in Art. It is going to be sooooo awesome! I'm really excited about it.

I am really obsessed by Jean-Baptiste Maunier at the moment. He is the guy from Les Choriste. His voice was amazing! I'm getting really into this chorus/chorale music. It's fun. And it really sounds good!
I wish I could make a CD with all the songs, so you could all hear it. 
All the songs sound so beautiful after working hard on them. Like really.

Hmm.. What else can I tell?
Oh, it's getting cold now. I can't wear shorts anymore. Which is kind of depressing. Especially beacuse I can't go buy new jeans, BECAUSE THE DOLLAR IS WORTH 6 KR! It's insane. 

Oh well, I hope y'all are doing good!

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