søndag den 16. november 2008

16. Nomvember 2008

Picture time! Yay

So Alex, my italian AFS friend, came over this weekend! We went to the CNN center, Underground Atlanta - which is kind of a mall, but underground, where the railroads used to be. We also went to see a musical; the Altar boyz - which was absolutely hilarious!
And enjoy the few pictures:

Alex being cool while waiting for CNN guided tour

Me being an angel (as always, duh).

Alex and I in front of a big CNN sign.

Like requested from my dear mom, pictures of my new host family:

Marina, Carolina and Jimmy Dean.

Enjoy the beauty of the mountains of Georgia. And of ME!

The new family

Taking a short break

After a long day, food at Wendy's.

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mieengel sagde ...

Hej Camille,
Det var præsis sådan jeg havde forestillet mig din nye familie og dog- de ser endnu mere rare og venlige ud.
Kh Mor

Camille sagde ...

Det lyder godt ;D