søndag den 2. november 2008

2. november 2008

SOOOOO, as you should know, my birthday was on friday! It was the most amazing birthday ever.

I English class, on thursday, mr. Finsthwait handed me an article about Copenhagen from an old newspaper. I read it and felt a bit sad. "Tomorrow is my birthday, I am going to celebrate it without my family, lagkage, the songs, breakfast in bed and so on. And now I miss my beloved city with all the nice places to go that they talked about in the article!". Mr. Finsthwait asked me if I felt a bit homesick, and I nodded and started crying. I was really convinced that my life was horrible at that point. 
But at night, Agnes had invited 2 friend - Ruth and Francoise, and we all had dinner together. Steve was in Texas. Anyways; it was a nice night. So it cheered me up a bit.
Then, the next morning, Agnes woke me up handing me the phone, and mama was on the line! So I did get my wake up-song!
I went to school, and everybody there were all like "oooh happy birthday!!!". Birthdays are a big deal here. But I think I got more attention because I am "the Danish exchange student". 
Hayley brought me a huge Disney-princess-singing-balloon that sang "happy birthday" and said "may all your birthday wishes come true!" everytime someone tapped it. Shelby brought me a "Sweet 16!" balloon, and Caroline brought me a.. regular black balloon. Hahaha! I also got a Barbie balloon in my homeroom. Rachel got me a spongebob balloon, but it flew out of her car, so I never actually got it. 
Also, people brought me cookies (Hayley, Shelby Dover, Ses), brownies (Shelby, Bess), candy (Danielle, Bryana) and I even got Oreos from Brianna, cupcakes from Cammie and a drawing from Taylor!
Anne made me a sign on a piece of paper that said "happy halloween, I'M 16". It was hanging on my neck all day. (It's a tradition here, so everybody can see that it is your birthday)
In homeroom (which is the first 10 minutes in the morning, where we read announcements) they had a halloween-cake with green icing saying "happy birthday Camille!".
I had Chinese in the first period and our teacher told us that we were cooking today. We made stirfried rice and eggrolls. They were really really good!
Next period was chorus. Mr. Morris made everybody sing for me.
Then we had an assembly. I was sitting on the front row with the seniors (usually, only the seniors can sit in the front. So sophomore sitting with seniors? not happening. But it did on friday, because I am so amazing. Nahh, just kidding ;D). Anyways; there was an a'capella concert during that assembly. At the end, 4 girls in my grade that are in women's a'capella, grabbed the microphone and said "Today is a very special day - a danish girl we all know's birthday. HAPPY BIRTHDAY CAMILLE!", and the whole high school clapped. That was funny.. ahaha
In my french class, M. Mourjan decided that he didn't feel like working with Antigone, so we watched a french movie - Les Compères. I liked it a lot, even though we didn't get to watch all of it.
In my free period, one of the high school counselors, Ms. Davis, took me to lunch. That was very nice of her! 
Afterall, I had an amazing day at school - with a looooooot of food.

After school, I went home with Ses and Brianna. We all went to Ses' house. I was pretty tired, so I took a nap. It was dark when I woke up and time for TRICK-OR-TREAT-ING! Afterall, it was my only halloween in the US. So the three of us dressed up, and walked for a looooong time in the neighborhood and got tons and tons of candy. We had a great time. Brianna had to leave at 10 though, because she had a cross country meeting next morning (cross country = running miles). But then Sarah and Farah joined us. We stayed up most of the night, talking.. 
What a fuuuuuuuuun birthday!

Today, sunday, Agnes, Steve and I went to the mountains, with some of Agnes' and Steve's spanish friends. It was a beautiful and quite long walk. And they all spoke spanish most of the time, which I didn't understand at all. But, at a point, the kids tried to talk to me in English. So I wasn't completely isolated all day.
Tonight, we went to Ruth's house for dinner. Marina (my host sister, who is in college and lives in Athen) and Kyohei (her boyfriend) were also there! I love them. They are so nice to me. 

AND tomorrow = NO SCHOOL YAY! It's teacher-something day, so no school for Westminster kids. I love my life. Haha

Oh, and it has been decided that I will stay with the Mathesons the rest of the year. So let me introduce you to the family, just quickly.
There is Agnes - the mother, who was my liason untill.. 10 days ago.
Then Steve - the father. A funny guy
Carolina - the 18 year old daughter. She goes to college in Saint Louis, where she studies architecture (so I don't get to see her often).
Marina - the 21 year old daughter. She goes to college in Athens, where she studies landscape architecture(1 hour drive from here, so I do get to see her in weekends).
And then, Jimmy-Dean - the old dog. 

I really feel confortable with this family, even though I have only been here for 10 days, or so. I am happy that this is working out better. 
Everything is getting better, so I am convinced that this year will be absolutely amazing.

I hope y'all are doing great!

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