tirsdag den 4. november 2008

4. november 2008

Finally! Electionday!
This is sooooo exciting! I am constantly updating nbc.com and cnn.com to see the results.

So far, Obama has 206 electoral votes and McCain has 89.  Which is good.
But since they're just getting to the middle of the country, all the north east states already voted (for Obama). And now McCain is going to get a lot of votes from those conservative middle-states.
They're not completly done counting in any of the states anyway. 
I really do hope that Obama wins though.

I went with Agnes when she went voting. They do it on computers in Georgia. I hope you can trust the system.. 
AND I got a "I am a Georgia voter!"-sticker. Yay!
Marina went voting a couple of days ago and told us about how it went. 
She was registered in downtown Atlanta, which is the most crowded area - of course. She told us that there were only 22 voting computers, so she had to stand in line for 4 hours. And it wasn't even the actual election day! 
That is the area where all the black population is. So of course, they were all going to vote for Obama, and the REPUBLICAN state of Georgia made sure that they couldn't afford to stand in line for 4 hours to vote. That is so not democracy. 60% of Atlanta's population is black. How can McCain have 60% in Georgia of the votes if everybody got a chance to vote?
I think there is something wrong..
Oh, and I am not just assuming that all black people vote for Obama, because of a skincolor. But the truth is that a lot of black people I know, vote for Obama, because he is black. And that is also true in the rest of the country.

Anyways, while I am waiting for updates, let me tell you about something else.
On sunday, I went to Little Five Points with Glenn, Leigh Ann and Katherine. It's a pretty hip area, with cool people and cool stores. We went to this shop call Rag-O-Rama where you can turn in your old clothes and they buy it from you, and sell it in the store. Which means that there was this store FULL of vintage-2nd hand-cool stuff!
I got a shirt saying "Screw the war lets dance!" and a Nike jacket. Like really 80's style. 
We had fun.. So that was good.

Well, I have to go to bed. 
Oh, Obama will totally win if he gets California (which he will) and Virginia or Florida. And he has 51% of the votes i both states, so far! YAY!
No McCain= no dumb Palin as president, because he would die anyway. 

Well, you'll probably all know the results when you read this anyway.


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