søndag den 3. maj 2009

May 3rd

Okay, pictures. Finally, yes.

From Texas
On a walk

Coloring at the restaurant

pretty Victorian house

Harley Davidson

this used to be a jail

Steve and Agnes!

Downtown Dallas

Steve and Agnes, downtown Dallas

JFK was shot from the square window, up top

goofballs! Agnes and Cindy - Steve's sister

Me, Alice, Mary, Jennifer and Steve

Downtown Dallas

Southfork Ranch - from the TV show "Dallas"

more ranch

Southfork Ranch

There's a tornado here, so I'm gonna finish this later.
It's super scary actually.
We might even go to the basement.. 
I just wanted to finish this before it got too bad, and the we loose the power (it has happened quite a few times)

Okay bye!

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