torsdag den 30. april 2009

April 30th

Okay, just a quick little post, because I gotta go to bed soon.

The seniors had their last school day today. They had a party on senior patio during the last period of the day, dancing, hollering, singing, having a water-fight-thingy and stuff like that.
It was fun to watch. I must say it made me just a little sad that I won't be here to do the same with my grade.. Oh well, you can't have it all!

Okay, I PROMISE I'll post the pictures in the next post. I just really have to get enough sleep for tomorrow.

We're having our chorus spring show, where we are performing in small groups and stuff like that. It's gonna be fuuuun! My group is doing this song from the Musical "In the Heights", called 96.000 . And basically, it sounds awesome. I hope I can get someone to get it on video.

3 more weeks of school. I really dont want to though, now that the seniors are gone. I must say I am a little bit frightened at the idea of the juniors taking over. But.. we'll see.

Tomorrow is also the mud-slide day for the seniors! Although they don't have clsses anymore, they have gazillions of events they have to come to school for, so they'll still be around. And tomorrow is senior-fun-day. Exciting!
They make this huge mudslide (by pouring tons of water on some dirt I suppose?) and have fun. 

But yeah, that was just a little short update.

I hope y'all are doing well!

And you can comment. I'd like to hear what y'all think. Or just that you actually read this.

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Francine St. Laurent sagde ...


Wow ok I realize I haven't been keeping up with your blog! But now I'm all caught up.. hah.. I always think the last day of school is SO much fun! Usually ending in a giant waterfight (at my school at least!).. and I know how you feel. Sometimes when people don't comment at all I feel like no one's reading my blog and then like what's the point in working so hard on it? it's really encouraging when people comment your posts!
I can't even imagine what a storm like that is like.. aren't you scared?!

Camille sagde ...

THANKS Francine. That's exactly how I feel.

Uh I know, I'm kind of excited about it :)

Mmh, a little scared. But I'm getting used to this extreme weather craziness. We've had quite a lot of these this year.