torsdag den 2. april 2009

April 2nd

here we go again

Tomorrow, Friday, is Big Day Off!
It's a day scheduled in the beginning of spring every year, where we basically just come to school and have fun. Unfortunately, a lot of the activities are supposed to happen outside, and it has been raining like crazy the last few days = all the fields are so so so wet. And... they get damaged if people step on it too much, so these activities will probably get canceled.
But it'll still be plenty of fun. Everyone will be wearing this year's Big Day Off t-shirt (I'll post pictures of it) and it's going to be a great day, despite the weather.
+ we can wear shorts because it's a special day (usually, we can't wear t-shirts either)

OH, I completely forget to say this.
So apparently people coming to Westminster think the girls' shorts are outrageously short, and so guess what? Yepp, they took them off the list of things girls can wear on the dresscode. So now, girls aren't allowed to wear shorts. Hello? We're talking 90 degrees in the summer? Oh of course we'll deal with pants. Pshh.
And what about the girls who feel uncomfortable wearing dresses are skirts? 
Definitely not a big fan of this new rule.

We had a chorus/chorale and orchestra rehearsal tonight, for Fauré's Requiem. We have been working on it since we came back from Christmas break (7 beautiful pieces) and finally, we are ready to perform next week. I am really excited, because we have all worked really hard on this (well, the 9th and 10th grade boys haven't really, because they for some mysterious reason don't feel like contributing with their efforts) , and for a very long time AND it sounds a-m-a-zing. It's the most beautiful music I have ever heard. No kidding.
I was super excited about FINALLY getting to listen to our soloists sing, since all of them are in the chorale - which is for 11th and 12th graders only. They (David Howe, Deena Tumeh and Matt Bennett) all sounded amazing. So it was a great rehearsal. I hope they'll record the concert so that I can get a copy on a CD :)

And then, there is Saturday. My goodness, I am so super excited! ! !  ! !!!!!!
I haven't even found a dress yet! And José already got his tuxedo! Hey, I'm the girl, there is something wrong with the timing.
But Allison and CeeCee are both bringing me dresses to try on tomorrow. They have offered me to borrow one, if it fit me, and I liked it :) yay nice friends!

Carolina is coming tomorrow! Woop woop!

Well.. I hope y'all are doing well back in Europe!

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