lørdag den 28. marts 2009

March 28th

I can't believe that it has only been two weeks since we came back from Spring break!

This week has been very rainy. It was hard going to classes without an umbrella, but somehow I managed to do it without looking like I went swimming with all of my clothes on. 
Although my shoes did drown with pretty much every step I took. Poor little feet of mine ):

For some reason Glenn and Leigh Ann haven't been majorly interested in me lately, so I've had to find other things to do. It was quite a challenge since I usually rely so much on them (and their friends and cars), but I found ou that I have a lot of other amazing friends that I got to spend more time with. So in the end, it isn't that bad!

On Friday is Big Day Off! It's a day at school where we basically don't have classes, with activities, student bands playing, movies, and all that kind of stuff. It is said to be a lot of fun, so I am excited.
And then Saturday....... PROOOOOOOOM! Woop Woop!
I, as an exchange student, got the permission to ask to Prom, although Prom is meant for Juniors, Seniors and whoever they ask. - which means that some Sophomores get to go (quite a lot this year actually), and maybe some freshmen, but that is not as common. The thing was that 3 weeks before the Prom, nobody had asked me (not that I expected it, but Mr. Dimon was reluctant to give me the permission to ask a Sophomore boy, hoping for a junior or senior boy to ask me) and then Agnes convinced Mr. Dimon that I should be able to invite someone, since I wouldnt be here next year, and that Prom is such a big part of being a High School Student in America. 
So anyways, I did. I asked a guy named José Luna. He is a sophomore too, and he is in my English class, and he is very nice, and he will look good on pictures, and he is a good dance, and I am very excited. 
The tradition for Prom is that you go to a picture party with who ever are your friends, then go to dinner with a limo, go to the dance (still in the limo), then go to an after party Casino thingy untill 3 - and then people have sleepovers (which is like the ONE night of the year where you get the permission to have boys-girls sleepovers). But I won't join that last part because Agnes says people do a lot of stuff they shouldnt - which I can't confirm for sure, but I don't doubt that.
Usually the boy pays for the limo, dinner and so on (the Prom itself doesn't cost the students anything, because the junior class raises money for it - but that's just Westminster), but since I was the one who asked, I will be paying. I'm pretty sure it'll be worth it though.
Now I just need to find myself a dress. I refuse to pay more than 40$ though. I can just borrow one if I don't find one.

Marina is home this weekend! Yay
And Carolina is coming next weekend, to go to Prom with Glenn. Partyyyyyy!

I hope y'all are well!

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Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

PROM! That will be so much fun!!what grade are you in though? I love that one of your main reasons for choosing... josé?.. is that he looks good in pictures! you are too cool :)

Camille sagde ...

I'm a sophomore d:
hahahaha, it's true though! but I mean, he IS nice and a good dancer too ;)