onsdag den 18. marts 2009

March 18th

Yesterday was Cammie's birthday so I made her a pretty card. It was also St. Patrick's day (I thought only irish people celebrated that) so everyone was wearing green ; but me. Haha!

The new big deal at the big W is...... get ready for this, because your life will never be the same........ A CAT!!!! Who is stuck in a tree. A very big tree. And it can't come down apparently. So during breaks, people stand there and yell at it, make jokes, throw things to make it fall down (that's actually only the juniors - lame'os), sing songs about it and what not. So many people called 911 yesterday so they could come and rescue it (because oh yeah, they dont have anything more important to do) that the school had to announce this morning that people should stop calling, and that the cat would come down when it got hungry enough.
So everything these days has been about that silly cat.

Besides that, life is just nice. School, sunny weather, nice people and other stuff like that. 
There is the Spring Dance tomorrow = late arrival on Friday, surprise parties and birthday parties coming up this weekend, and maybe even a Quinceanera on Saturday! We'll see how I will fit plans with Daniel and Tommy Dorfman&Leigh Ann into my busy schedule.
And then PROM is April 4th... I'll update you on how that'll happen.

I hope y'all are well!

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Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

PROM.. I'll be missing that this year.. and this was supposed to be the first year I went!