lørdag den 14. marts 2009

March 14th

I am back from the Dominican Republic! I can't even put words on how amazing that trip was..
Basically, we woke up at 8:30 to go lay out on the beach, went to eat breakfast, back to the beach, went to get lunch, back to the beach, walk around and chill with other people, go back to the rooms and shower and get ready (read: pretty) and then go to dinner. Then we went to the lobby/bar/casino/chill area (yeah, there was a lot to do) and met up with a bunch of kids from all over the country, and hung out untill 2-3 am. For 5 days. Yes. Yes. Yes t'was quite amazing. ESPECIALLY because everything was included! So once we paid for the rooms, we got a pretty little bracelet that we would show the people working whenever we wanted food or a drink or something else = included! WOOP WOOP!
We made sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo many friends, adult and kids, and had so so so so so much fun, and took a bunch of pictures and enjoyed life.
I took like more than 600 pictures, so I'll only upload the best ones. Enjoy!

The view from the plane. I don't know what island it is though..

The airport.. FUNKYYYY!

Leigh Ann and me - on the plane
on our way to the resort
more outside-world (meaning not at the resort)

Sellers and Caroline (Leigh Ann's twin) on a trolley bringing us to the lobby to check-in

Mr. McKinley and the beautiful resort (we were searching for the rooms)

On the beach!

More beach

Mrs. McKinley on the beach

Leigh Ann is a cutiepie

Leigh Ann took my camera and some shots of ME

One of the afternoon/nights, getting ready for dinner

Me, Rachel, Caroline and Leigh Ann - the room mates

Leigh Ann's legs, brutally attacted by bugs.
I got a henna tattoo!

Camille, Caroline, Rachel and Leigh Ann

Yes, t'was very beautiful.

Caroline and some of the friends we made from Virginia (True and Stephanie)

Camille and Leigh Ann with henna tattoos - a moon and a sun. Yay macth!
Yes, you should be jealous.

McKinley twin #1 aka. Caroline and me

McKinley twin #2 aka. Leigh Ann and me

Camille, Sellers, Rachel, Leigh Ann, Caroline and Catherine - strike a pose! The Westminster crew

And finally, back in Atlanta.

Right now, I am a Ruth's house, since the Mathesons don't come from Spain untill tomorrow. Two other AFS girls are here - Luisa from Germany and Fabienne from Switzerland, and 13 more people are joining us for dinner. Party!!!
I hope y'all are doing well!

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nanna montana sagde ...

ej. hallååå.

du ligner sådan en totalt american high school girl..

cutiepie :*

Camille sagde ...

hvad skal det betyde xD?

Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

GAH! I am so insanely jealous!! I want to go to the beach! however.. I AM going to Milano next week with my class!! It looks like you had an amazing time! And thank god you have pictures again! hehe..

I met this girl yesterday named Louise from DK going to Pennsylvania next year and I will refer her to your blog so maybe she will contact you soon! She seems really nice and really excited to be going in August!