tirsdag den 3. marts 2009

March 3rd

And so it finally happened; I got my long-wanted (599$) camera (and then of course a bag, filter, memory cards, taxes and all that kind of stuff = 736$). A beautiful Canon EOS Rebel XS 

(In case you shouldn't know what it looked like).
It makes me happy.
It is wonderful. And finally, I can start developing my 
photography-skills! I must say that my Olympus Mju Mini Digital 
has been a good friend, but without power or any charger, it is 
kind of hard to use it. I will find a solution eventually though.
Anyways, now I can take beeeaaaaaaautiful pictures. I'm so 
Thank you to Mormor for sponsoring it!

Afterwards I went shopping with Leigh Ann and 1½ bikini! I am 
now officially ready for Spring break. I just need to dye my hair 
(it's been getting REALLY blond lately. It looks terrible)

Right now, I am eating cookies that my wonderful host mama 
made :) 

Yay! Life is beautiful.

Hope y'all are good.

ps. We DIDN'T have a snowday on Monday, only late arrival (10 
am in stead of 8 am, which caused us not to get out until 4 pm).
Can I mention that 80% of the shcools in Atlanta didn't have to go
to school that day? Oh well..

5 kommentarer:

CHAMROEUN sagde ...

Great experienc, thank u

from Cambodia

nanna montana sagde ...

lækkert med nyt kamera :]

canon er det bedste!

jeg elsker også mit eos!

Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

HEY! It's so wonderful you got a new camera! Now you can take heaps of pictures!
Nawww don't feel bad about not getting a snow day. I've lived in Alaska my whole life and never gotten a snow day. We go to school even when it's -60 (F) haha..

Camille sagde ...

I knooooow, right? I've already taken a bunch.. I'll upload the best ones asap.

I knooooooooooooow, but I mean.. I was just excited because usually here, they get the day off. (I still go to school on my bike when it snows, even if it takes med 3x longer and a couple of crashes in the snow = soakedness of doom)

Mi Confesión sagde ...



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