søndag den 19. april 2009

April 19th

I am so so so so tired right now, but I'm going to just fight that, and write a post about Texas and my amazing weekend with my amazing AFS group!

So let's go with Texas (I'm so far behind):
Texas was awesome. I loved it so much. So pretty. So very pretty. 
Steve's family was awesome and crazy. They're great!!!
To describe the trip in a few words;
a whole lot of hours of plane-delay, homestay, Texas food, visiting Dallas, eating more Texan food, see where JFK  was assassinated, dying easter eggs, having some fun family times, going to church (oh wow, that was.. .. .. different from a Danish service. Not a big fan. That guy was talking waaaaaaay too much about how God gave his son's life for us and he didn't care about our relationship to other people, but between "you and Him". I was like "yeah sure, you would know". My point is that I don't like it when people tell you how to believe and how to interpret religion. I really don't like that at all).
So Texas was fun! 

Pictures (say more than words):

[will be uploaded ASAP! My camera is currently uncharged]

This weekend was spent with my LOVELY AFS group! I love them so much. They are such great people... We have an amazing group.
Atlanta's Piedmond Park was hosting the Dogwood Festival, this weekend, so we had a great opportunity to volunteer and do something together. 
Saturday we went for a walk in this old neighborhood with old Victorian styled houses (I am so moving there once I get the money for a house like that) and then we went to check out the festival afterwards. 
At night we cooked (we as in the exchange students) delicious food, made cakes, talked for hours, stayed up most of the night, and just had a great time all together. Thank you Ruth for hosting all of us!
Sunday morning, we went to the festival to help out at different stands and stuff like that. I think everyone had a lot of fun!
We were split up to groups of two and sent to different spots/stands/whatever they wanted us to do. I was with Alessandra (not really unexpected) at the International Stage. We had a lot of fun! The international stage was hosting different schools and dance schools, that were performing dances and that kind of stuff. Some of it was really good! I especially liked the African Drumming and Dancing. That was so cool!
Alessandra and I were kind of keeping track of where everyone was and what they had to do. It was a lot of fun, although quite stressful sometimes. 

Some pictures:

The AFS group talking


Atlanta is so pretty is the spring

Pretty Victorian house

My pretty, beloved, Italian girl!

Alessandra & Fabienne!

Group picture!

Group picture WITH the house!

Funky Victorian house

Fabienne, Me and Guy

Atlanta. So pretty

Me and Alex cut and tied our XL AFS shirts, so they fit us better (and made headbands)

the back

Andy & Alex

Andreas and me!

posing and being silly

Julio and Alessandra

Ruth, Andy and Alex

Ha ha ha Andy mastering the "Big Green Egg"

Andyyy! My little German friend

Andy and Oscar working the barbecue

Fabi is cutting her birthday cake (turning 18 on tomorrow, Monday!) 

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nanna montana sagde ...

jeg elsker Villa Villekulla husene (:

du ser så fin ud.
jeg glæææder mig til at se dig <33

Camille sagde ...

De var SÅ flotte!

:'D <3

Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

Oh that looks like you guys had so much fun!! :) I love hanging with my AFS buddies.. my 2nd family!

i still love your blogs! keep writing!