tirsdag den 14. april 2009

April 14th

So much has happened since last time I updated. Prom, Texas and the storm!

Let's start off with the Prom.
One word to describe it, would be; amazing! It was so so so so much fun. I had such a great night!
I went to Allison's house to get ready and pretty and all that kind of stuff. Then we went to Ford's house for the picture party (it's like PDC all over again, but a bigger deal), where David & Lauren, Alex & CeeCee, Ford (Allison's boyfriend and date) and José (my date) had already arrived, long before us (oopsee!).
So they took a million pictures in Ford's beautiful backyard, and then, after a few snacks, we went into the limo that took us to the Restaurant. We ate a this Italian place called Antica Posta, that served absolutely delicious food, but had terrible service. We had 3 vegetarians ( and a single vegan), and they brought us meaty plates. And when we tried to convince her we hadn't ordered meat, she didn't believe us, and kept talking with her weird accent about some RAGÚ. Finally, we pointed out to her on the menu what we had ordered, and so they changed the dishes to what we originally had ordered.
We enjoyed our meal, but when it was time to pay, it took FOREVER for them to get the check, so we didn't get to the actual prom at Wesminster until 10.30 (it started at 9pm, and ended at 12 am). But.. It wasn't too bad that way. I danced with José and had a great time. He is a great dancer and he is really nice, so that part was great.
At 12, everyone went back to their limos to go to the post-prom party; a Casino party with a whole bunch of prizes to win! After some minor trouble with getting in, and the Casino-fake-money, because both me and José are sophomores, some lady helped us, we got in, and had a lot of fun gambling. I met all of my friends in there, and it was great to finally get to chat a little bit :)
Afterwards, our limo party (but not José) went back to Ford's house to spend the night. His parents had made breakfast for us when we came back (4.30 am, yepp), which was so perfectly timed, that I can't even put words on it. I was fully satisfied, emotionally, and now also physically.

All in all, it was a fantastic experience, and I am really happy I got to go!
Here are some pictures from the picture party (for those who haven't seen them on Facebook yet)

There was a terrible storm Sunday night. A lot of trees fell (a guy actually died when a tree fell on his car and made it explode) and broke all the cables all over the city (it's old-fashioned here, they're not underground yet). Therefore, we had no power whatsoever all of Monday (that we had off, because of Easter) and parts of today, Tuesday. I really realized how dependent we are on electricity. Luckily, the Mathesons have a gas stove and the water is warmed with gas also, so we were able to have warm dinner and warm showers, but no lights, no TV, no telephone, no music, no internet or computers (well.. approximately an hour and a half of computer, until the labtops ran out of power TOO), no nothing. I read a whole lot that day.. It was hard a night though, so Steve built a fire, and we sat in front of it and told each other all kinds of fun stories. It was a fun night actually.
When I woke up in the morning, there was still no power. I walked to school, and yeah, Westminster did have power (darn, I thought we could finally have a day off because of the weather). By the time I got home after school, the power was back though. So everything is fine now. 
It was estimated that 250.000 people in Atlanta didn't have electricity yesterday.. That is a lot.

Texas was great. I loved it!
When I upload the pictures, I will write more about it.

I hope y'all are doing well!

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Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

nåå it looks like you had a lot of fun at prom!! You all look so beautiful! :)
I know.. when the power goes out you find lots of fun other things to do. I love that we are forced to use candles.. it makes everything so cozy!

Camille sagde ...

I really did! and thaaaanks :D
i know, it was great!