onsdag den 10. juni 2009

June 10th

Hey everyone!

This going to be very quick and short. Just thought I would update you quickly, before I forget.

Wow. So much happens all the time.
I am so busy, that I have barely had time to sit at home and be with the Mathesons! I am so stressed out all the time. I want to do everything before it's too late, so I always worry about this and that person that I have to see, this place I have to go, that thing I have to get and so on. I even have a hard time falling asleep at night..

But one thing is for sure; it has all been amazing. I have been doing sooooo much fun stuff!
Like the other day? I went to a No Doubt concert with Torrey, Allison, Sarah and Dianne! It was awesome. I looooooove Gwen Stefani! She is such a great performer and it made the evening amazing. 

Besides that, I have just been doing more Odyssey and so on. And did I mention our French immersion night?
Hm, I dont think so. WELL; Claire, Peyton, Katie and I cooked french food and spoke French (kind of.. haha) and watched a French movie and all. It was a great night!
We cooked moules-frites (all home made), ratatouille, some weird fish and YUM! So delicious. Then we watched Les Choristes, and all fell in love with Jean-Baptiste Maunier. Basically.
I think we're doing the Italian one on Friday! I'm excited!

Tonight, I'm going to a Braves' Baseball game with my AFS buddies! Yay! The Braves, Atlanta's team, are supposedly really good. Soooo, after Odyssey ends at 5, I am off for a fun night, that will actually be the last before we all go to NY in 2½ weeks, with a bunch of really good friends. 

Well, that was my short update for now! I'm sure I'll have some pictures to post soon.

I hope y'all are well.

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nanna montana sagde ...

the final countdown! (:

Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

Isn't it CRAZY! 2 weeks!! AH! I feel like ridiculously sad and happy at the same time.. and i'm kicking myself for being mean to my friends with my insane mood swings.. gahhh I am keeping SO BUSY too! Like never stop.. which is great! Cause one day last week i was home by myself trying to "pack" and see how much stuff i can take home and it made me SO sad being by myself! So i'm always with someone now.. it keeps my spirits up! I never thought when i came here that i'd ever have a problem going home...