lørdag den 27. juni 2009

June 28th

Technically, since it's past midnight, today is departure day.
Well, not the actual day of us (I will be refering to the AFS Georgia group as "us") leaving Atlanta, but the day of our goodbyes and departure from hometowns, homes and from current lives.

Agnes left for Washington DC, early morning yesterday, for a week long conference. Almost week long. So basically I already said goodbye to my loving and caring spanish host-mama ):
And in 15½ hours, I will be separated from the rest of the family; Steve, Marina and Carolina. It' so damn hard to realize.
We (AFS kids, remember?) will all get dropped off at the Vila International near Emory University tomorrow where we will spend the night and maybe even have a miniature departure-orientation? Monday we will proceed to go to the airport, and fly to New York all together, where we meet up with 900 AFS exchange student from the Eastern region, all ready to go home! And from NYC, the AFS of the student's homecountry take over. They arranged the home flight and all. So from what I understand, we will part up to be with our countrymen (and women), spend the night, and leave Tuesday.
Since we don't arrive in Copenhaguen until Wednesday, I'm gessing it'll be an overnight flight. Party!

I don't even want to get startet on my emotions right now. I barely know myself what I feel. I don't really want to live here for real, but I also don't want to leave. I don't really want to go back to Denmark, and yet I am excited in some way.
I am afraid I'm going to be deeply disappointed when I walk out of the "arrivals" at CPH. With what? I don't really know.. My family, my friends, my language, my everything? It's not that I don't love every single one of them (applies to the language too), I just don't feel like it's something I can handle. At all.
It's such a big part of myself I'm leaving behind. "You're not leaving it behind, because it's in your heart" - I have heard several times. Thank you, I am very aware of that, but I'm pretty sure we all know there is a humonguous difference. People will be there, but not really. Westminster won't be there. Atlanta won't be there.
It seems like such a an impossible task; the task of going back to Danish lifestyle. It makes me so mad at the world. I know it's ridiculous to be mad at everything, but I can't help it right now.

I cried saying goodbye to this and that person. Mostely because I was so incredibly grateful for getting to know them and for all those good memories, but also because I knew the end was creeping up on me. It's a weird undescribable feeling, and I feel like a majorly-overreacting-super-hormonal-teenager. Therefore I am also mad at myself.

I guess I did describe some emotions. Well.. Yeah.

Now I'm gonna go finish packing (stupid weight restrictions), go to bed and thoroughly enjoy every single remaining moment.

This might be my last post for a while, but I will keep posting (like Francine!) next year, as I think (like Francine) that that part definitely is relevant too.
And even though nobody's reading it, I like writing it down for my own sake.

See y'all on Wednesday!

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Francine St. Laurent sagde ...

Are you home yet?? How are you doing? I just got home on Wednesday night (AK time)... isn't it all insane?

Camille sagde ...

ya its crazy.