lørdag den 20. juni 2009

June 20th

8 days.. I can't believe it's this close to being over.

The Braves game was fun, although they lost (I was wrong about them being a good team. Apparently they USED to be) to the Pittsburg Pirates.
There were a lot of little funny games in between the shifts and that kind of stuff.
The stadium was originally an Olympic stadium from 96, but since a baseball field is way smaller, then tore down half of it, and made it into the baseball field it is toda
y. It has one of the biggest screens in the world, and they always film people around sitting, and we were on it at some point! Great fun.

Andy and Pedro

Me and Alex

Ruth and Darren

One of the many games on the big screen: the tool race

eating ice-cream

I've just been hanging around the last couple of days with Carolina, Marina, Glenn, Leigh Ann and the AFS kids. Nothing special.
Marina arranged a goodbye-party for me tomorrow, so I'm excited about that! We got a Tinkerbell Piñata for the party today. It's so cute and pretty and YAY : )
I've been packing. Bought a few American presents for family and friends.
That's pretty much it. I can probably tell you the stories once I get back, if you really want to hear them.

I already miss Westminster terribly...

Alessandra (Italy) and Pedro (Portugal) both left already, because they had to go back and take some kind of exams for their schools and what not.

I hope y'all are doing well.

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