søndag den 17. august 2008

17. August 2008

Okay, so i'm going to do this blog in English from now on. It is really confusing for me to write Danish, because I have to tune back, and then speak English again. It's like I have to start over every time. AND my french family will be able to read it! Great!

So, my first days were just great. People here are soooo nice! And Atlanta is just so amazing. It's really, really beautiful. I feel like Scarlett O'Hara (from Gone With The Wind) everytime we drive trhough the city and neighbourhood.

Yesterday (thursday), we went to the arrival orientation. I met the other AFS students from the area. There was 13. It was nice. We talked about stuff that we allready had been through at the other camps, but it was okay. We had fun.
At night, we went see the new Batman movie. With Carolina and Steven Matheson and Roberto (the other AFS'er that stays here. but he actually left today) and I. That movie is awesome! Even though I almost fell asleep at a moment because I was so tired.

Today, Carolina and Glenn showed me around at Westminster. It is huge. Really. Like nothing in Denmark. It was like.. 100 times bigger! And it was really nice looking. Very green. And just beautiful. I'll try to post some pictures one day.
Then Agnes (my AFS liason, if anyone shouldn't know yet) had arranged something for me, where 4 Westminster students came and talked to me about this year. They had all something to do with being an exchange student or host family. It was pretty nice. They are all so nice to me!
Then we went at a Japanese restaurant and ate sushi. It was so much fun!
When we got back, we turned on TV, and HSM2 was on Disney Channel! So of course, we watched it. I've watched it too many times. I know all the lines :b

I guess that is it for now..
I am really excited about starting school tomorrow! But I'm sure that it is going to be great. People seem really nice.

I hope you are all doing well, back home!


5 kommentarer:

mieengel sagde ...

Hej Camille,

herligt at læse dine rejsebreve. Det lyder godt nok spændende alt sammen og sikke mange rare mennesker du allerede har mødt. Held og lykke med det hele.
Knus fra Mor

Barbieinwonderland sagde ...

Jeg tror, at jeg kommer til, at følge ret godt med her! :D

Men hvertfald så glæder jeg mig til at se billeder og høre om skolen.. Og ihh, du har lige givet mig lyst til sushi.

Carla blixt sagde ...

hej camille.
det lyder som om du har det godt i us and a.
batman rocks!

- carla

Moster Kaj sagde ...

Hej Camille.
Du lyder nøjagtig, ligesom du skal. Du lever lige midt i livet!
Lov mig ikke at bruge alt for meget tid på os gamle kedelige nisser hjemme i Danmark. Du har jo kun et sølle år..og det går hurtigt.
Go for it girl!!
Mange kærlige hilsner
moster Kaj

Majder sagde ...

Yo, what a great time, you have. Enjoy! Take care!