onsdag den 20. august 2008

20. August 2008


So this was my 3rd day at school today. Westminster is just awesome! It's soooo big and sooo beautiful. I'm really lucky to be here.
And people are just being so nice to me! Always smiling and saying hello when i pass them in the hall.
Their school system is different. It's like.. There is 7 periods in your schedule, but only 6 on a day. So the first day is like period 1 at first and so, and day 2 is period 7 first, and then period 1. So I don't have the courses at the same time of the day. That is actually a good idea, I think! Especially when the schedule is the same (or.. it's not obviously. but you know what I mean) every day.
I have 2 free periods, which mean that I have 2 hours where I can just chill or do my homework. That's nice! :D
And I'm taking; English (The teacher, mr. Finsthwait, is such a nice person. I really like him), Maths; Algebra II (I don't understand anything. It's really different. And it all have different names and so. Confusing), Chinese 1 (YEAH I KNOW! It's sooooooo cool. I really love it. Li xiao jiè shì wo pèng you. :D), Chorus (well.. it's fun to hear the other sing. I can't do it myself. whatever - no homework from that course) and Public Speaking (I loooove our teacher mr. Onwuachi! He is really cool. And it's fun. And I think I will improve my English that way).
So school is a nice part of the day. I like it here (:

I moved in to the Cutshaw yesterday. I was really excited about that. I went well. They are really nice people. And their house is biiiig. Wauw!

We just went out and ate sushi. De, Drew, some friends of De and I. It was nice. And then Drew bought me ice-cream. That was so nice of him. He is really being nice to me. I am so happy to be here.

Right now, Christy came and asked if she could sit in here with me. She is just adorable. She bought me gifts in China. That was soooo cute!!

Well, I think that's it.
Hope y'all (yeah i know, southern speech-tingy) having fun in Denmark!


ps. See, that's my host family!

isn't she just adorable?

pps. Sven! Lige nu afspiller de din CD. De (altså diane) er HEEEL vild med Retro Rock!! :D

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Barbieinwonderland sagde ...

Jeg vil svare på ALLE indlægene - det er mit mål :D

Jeg forstod ikke rigtig den med Christy, men hun er virkelig kær!

Det gik lige op for mig at Family Force 5 også bor i Atlanta, så hvis du ser dem må du hilse, haha xD ej, jeg snakkede også med min far i dag, han har selv været der, og han snakkede om at det var en spille-by, og at de havde nogle berømte strande eller noget i den stil.. Men spændende, spændende, spændende.

Du må have det godt :'D