torsdag den 18. september 2008

18. september 2008

Hey everyone!
How is everything going?

I am doing so great here. People are really, really nice. 
School is going well, also. I still have problems in math, buuuut I'm working on it. I got a tutor, that can help me, which will help me a lot. Besides that, everything is good. 
I am finding myself confortable with the Cutshaws, and I think they are feeling the same way about me (I mean, at least I HOPE they do! ;D) 

On monday, we went to Auburn, Alabama, Christy, De and I, for Christy's diving. She goes there twice a week. And it is a 2 hours looooooooooong drive! So 4 hours in the car. yepp
She is diving at the Auburn University. It is h-u-g-e. I mean unbelievable huge. So they have some really nice pools, where she dives. And believe me, she is really good. I can't believe that she is only 9 years old!! I posted a video so that you can see it.

Coming up; I have a trip to Hilton Head (the beach) with the Chorus - next weekend actually, and I am relly looking forward to it!
This weekend, my friend Hayley is having her sweet 16 birthday party, so we are going to surprise her! It's going to be so much fun!! yay

So everything is just great!

Since I don't really have more to say, I'll just post more pictures.
I just wanted you to be updated.



Caroline (in the back), Madeleine & Hayley (in the front)

I will take some more pictures to post. Because I don't have more.. Sorry! :D

aaaaaaand- Christy diving. 

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