onsdag den 3. september 2008

3. September 2008


So many things happen all the time. It's crazy.

We went to Florida this weekend. It was a-m-a-zing. Drew had a soccer-tournament at Disneyworld, so we went to Orlandooo. 
De took Christy and me to The Magic Kingdom, in Disneyworld. We had so muuuuch fun! I will try to upload some pictures soon of it, because we look amazing with our Mickey Mouse hats.
We came back later, the same day with Kenneth. He went on all the roller coaster rides with us! We had a really nice time. 
Then we went to the Rain Forest Café, which gotta be the coolest restaurant on earth, and it was nicenicenice. Even though I was really tired.
It was a looooooooong drive from Atlanta (and back), but it was totally worth it!

Monday was labor day, so no school. Anna invited me to her barbecue-thing she does every year. There was a lot of other girls from school, and we had a great day.
There was this biiiiiiig slide (100 meters long, no exaggeration) on a hill, so we spend the day sliding down the hill, on tubes. Our clothes got pretty muddy though.

Yesterday was Kenneth's birthday, so we went to a restaurant called Houston to celebrate his 55th birthday. He got an iPhone! woooooooow

Now, it's back to school. I still don't get anything in math classes, but I am doing pretty well in Chinese. So it's okay ;D

Hope y'all doing good!


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