tirsdag den 30. september 2008

30. september 2008

Hilton Head 08!!

We went on a chorus trip this weekend, to Hilton Head, in South Carolina. It was a-m-a-zing! I had soooo much fun. And it was so beautiful..
We droev for like.. 6 hours in a bus (3 busses actually - 9th and 10th grade chorus, 11th and 12th grade chorale, men's a'capella, women's a'capella & the ensemble) to get there. But it was a nice drive. We had fun together.
When we came, I wlaked out of the bus and saw the most beautiful Hilton hotel. I thought "Wow.. this is really different from the KonTiki trips I am used to!". But I mean, it costed 350$ for those 2 days. So.. yeah. And people that go to Westminster can pay that. That really is different.
So, as I just wrote, it was really beautiful. Of course, there were pools and hot tubs and stuff like that, but it was also right at the beach. It really was amazing. I wanted to stay for a whole week!
We had parties at night - one of them on a riveboat in fact. That was the best. I love the american youth being able to have fun and dance, without being completely drunk.
We sang in a church (which pretty much was the purpose of this trip), and.. just hung out. It was a lot of fun.

This week, and a part of last week, I have tech crew. It means that I am in the crew, that does all the technical work, in the Westminster play. I just play the music before and after the play, and at the intermission. So there really isn't a lot to do during rehearsals. 2½ hours of.. starring. Maybe do some homework. 
But I get involved, and the people are nice, so I am not complaining :D

Besides that, the PDC craziness has started. PDC is a dance that some club in Atlanta arrange for some of the schools in Atlanta. The tradition is that the girls invite the boys, instead of the regular boys-invite-girls. Which is pretty funny. BUT the thing is, that when the first girl asks, the rest goes insane, and next day, everybody will have a date. Which pretty much happened on monday. So today, everybody had a date for PDC. 
And the dance is not before December 7th.. It is INSANE. I really want to go, just to experience an American dance (since prom only is for seniors and juniors), but it costs 250$ for the tickets. I'm not sure whether I feel like paying that or not.. I'll see. I have 2 months.

I will upload the pictures from Hilton Head soon.

Hope you're all doing well!


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