søndag den 5. oktober 2008

5. Oktober 2008

I went on a AFS orientation this weekend.
We had so much fun. I love the other AFS kids. They're just great.
We talked a lot about what was difficult and stuff like that, so.. we had a good time!

And on friday, there was a football game. THE biggest football game of the year - Westminster vs. Lovett. (Lovett is the big rival). We were all in the Westminster spirit, dressed in green and saying "Go cats!" (our mascot is the wildcat)
Unfortunatly, I lost my purse. With mastercard and visa card and cash, my camera bag (luckily not the camera), pictures, tickets from different places I have visited around the world, and a lot of other stuff that meant something to me. I didn't find it again.. Not good.
But I had fun.

I will post some pictures of tha AFS orientation and the football game + peprally + the rest of that day when I get the pictures from those who took them.

Pictures from Hilton Head:

Cammie and I in the bus, on the way to HH

Hayley, Caroline and Shelby enjoying some blue stuff and the pool

The beach, right behind the hotel. Nice nice nice!

The place we stayed. Yes, it was very nice. But, I mean, it was a Hilton hotel.. haha

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