mandag den 13. oktober 2008

13. okt 2008

Picture time! Yay:

Spirit day - green and white, Westminster colors.
Hayley, Camille & Caroline

With fancy tattos and more green.
Shelby and Camille

Buuuut we didn't. NOT good.

The football field. And our team.

I spend the weekend with Alessandra, who lives in Decatur. She is an AFS student from Italy, and she is really nice. We had a great weekend.
Friday night, we went to see a football game at her school (their team sucked).
Saturday, we went to The World Of Coca-Cola. It was awesome! I will post some pictures later. At night, we went to see a laser show on Stone Mountain. It was very patriotic (it showed very BRAVE american citizens and played songs like that and people were standing up.. It was funny).
On Sunday, we went to Atlantic Station for shopping. It was nice. And her host family is really nice too, so that was just perfect.
Today (monday), was Colombus day, which means NO SCHOOL! Yay!!

Anyway, I hope y'all are doing well.


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