mandag den 20. oktober 2008

20. oktober 2008

So.. Life just goes on; school, homework, friends.. Stuff like that.

This weekend I went to see Wicked - a musical, with the Cullens. My other host family. They are very nice people and we had a great time together! And the musical was fantastic.

Christy celebrated her 10th birthday on saturday with family and friends. She got a LOT of presents. The amount of packages was insane. She was happy ;)

Homecoming was on friday. Actually it was last week, but the game was on friday. 
Thursday we got to dress up, which was amazing. The main theme was decades - and all grades had voted for a decade. The freshmen were the 50's, the sophomores (my class) were the 80's, the juniors were the 90's and the seniors were the 60's.
There was a dance thursday night for the entire high school. Outside. With a DJ. I am currently trying to learn how to dance, but I am having fun anyway. haha
Also, you might think "usually homecoming dances are formal". But not at Westminster. 
We didn't have class on friday. Actually we were supposed to have all kinds of activities outside, but the rain (that comes every year on homecoming - WHY??) kind of spoiled it..
I was sitting inside all day with Bryana, Brianna, Danielle and Lillian. We managed to have fun anyway, so it wasn't that bad.
There was a peprally (like for all big football games) where the homecoming king was elected. Jake won! Yay! Jake is my friend and a senior. 
Then all classes had to perform a dance that illustrated their decade. The freshmen had a couple of girls that did the handjive. The sophomores had Morgan prentending to sing a song from the 80's (I have no idea what song it was) and tried to get the entire grade on stage to dance and clap. = we failed majorly = we didn't prepare a actual dance. The juniors were very good. They had a group of girls pretending to be Britney Spears and some boys prentending to be N*SYNC. It was hilarious. Then we had the seniors that just.. danced.. 60's dance. They had a lot of people participating - which was really cool.
And then, on friday night, the football game, of course. They always chose a bad team for homecoming, so they are sure of victory. They picked Decatur (which is Alessandra's school. My AFS buddy from Italy, in case you forgot), and we won 43 - 6 . So the game wasn't that much fun itself. But being there with friends and the whole GO CATS spirit is amazing.

Halloween is coming up = my birhtday! 
Shelby is having a halloween party on friday. We are supposed to dress up, so that will be interesting. I am going as Tinkerbell. I already have my costume. It's cuuuuuuuute!

I hope y'all are doing great!

ps. HVIS nogle skulle have lyst til at sende mig en lille fødselsdagsgave, så kommer der en lille ønskeliste:

1. Piratos lakridser
2. Faxe Kondi
3. Mao sko - JA, jeg mener det dybt seriøst. Jeg kan ikke finde dem her, og jeg vil seriøst gerne have et par..
4. ringe - gerne store og gamle og sjove og 5 kr's agtige.
5. Nintendo 64 + Mario party 1 til N64 - man ved jo aldrig om nogen ejer sådan en. 
6. Billeder - af jer! :D

Jeg bliver også meget glad for et kort!
Men jeg forventer intet. Jeg ved godt jeg er laaaangt væk.

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