fredag den 19. september 2008

19. september 2008


Something new happened today, so I felt like posting it in here. Hahaha
And I have nothing to do anyway. So here we go;
They took me out of my math class (because I had major understanding problems, and it was just a useless pain in the ass, since I don't get any credit for it), and now I am taking AP French instead. AP means that it is college-level, kind of. Something like that, I think. Hahahaha.
The thing is that I get to learn how to actually write French, since I already speak it. Yay!
So today I had my first French class. It was interesting. 

Agnes asked me if I wanted a Spanish class also. I said that it was probably better that I didn't, because I am already struggling with getting my English perfect, taking Chinese, and now French - which is a natural language for me to speak (so I go back to "regular speaking" i my head = Danish and French. Yes, very verrrrrry confusing), and then the Danish that I write or hear - all of that every single day, I was afraid that I might get too confused. 
So I might take an art class in addition to all this. Just so I don't get bored with my 2 free periods, almost every day.

Have a good weekend!


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