fredag den 16. januar 2009

16. Januar 2009

Like pretty much every Friday in the winter sport season, there is a basketball game tonight. So because of that, we had a pep rally at school! Yay! Pep rallies are so much fun.
The JV and Varsity (JV, junior varsity - 9th and 10th. Varsity - 11th and 12th grade) cheerleaders perform their cheers and dances and whatever. The video is one of them. The one they perform every time actually. You can pretty much see the traditions (every grade tries to make the most noise. And the seniors always get to run in to the middle and shortly have a party in the middle) when you watch it. 
Then there are always some games that the cheerleaders prepare - at least I think they do.. Haha. So sometimes the grades compete and sometimes it is just people. So if the cheerleaders call your name, you have to come participate in one of the games. It is always very entertaining to watch!
Anyways, this was my last pep rally, since they don't have any for the spring season ):

Steve, Agnes and I went to see the games (girls and boys basketball). It was super awesome! They played Blessed Trinity, another private school of Atlanta.
There weren't a a lot of people in the beginning, for girls basketball, but when the boys started playing, there were tons of westminster kids! Of course not as many as for the football games, but still a lot. People were yelling and cheering and having fun. It was awesome! And we won! 

Oh well, I thought this video was funny, so I wanted to share it with y'all. And then a bit of culture notes. Haha!
- Okay apparently, it won't upload it. I'll try again tomorrow.
Oh, I found out why it doesn't work. It can only upload 100mb, and the video is like 157.

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