tirsdag den 20. januar 2009

20. Januar 2009

Finally, Obama's inauguration! We watched all of it live at school today! It was very interesting.. But I mean, I bet y'all saw it anyways, so no reason to describe what happened.

Besides that, my weekend was awesome! Well, basketball game on friday. Then on Saturday, Agnes wanted tickets for the jewish film festival, that is going on in Atlanta, but there were no good movies apparently. So instead, she found out there was a Danish film festival also! We got tickets for "With Your Permission", or "Til Døden Os Skiller". Agnes decided we should have Danish food also, but since they are no Scandinavian restaurants in Atlanta, she thought of.. IKEA! Yes. Ikea. So we (Steve, Agnes, Glenn, Rachel - a Westminster senior, my friend, and me) went to eat dinner at Ikea. The we went to the Woodruff Art Center to 
watch the movie. Of course, a lot of Danish people were there. It was
 nice to listen to some Danish - in real life. I wanted to talk to someone, but I couldn't find anything to say.. BUT then, the director of the movie, Paprika Steen showed up! I saw her standing in the back of the room, and got really excited. Glenn and Rachel convinced me to go talk to her - so I did. She said I had a very American accent when I spoke Danish. I did notice it myself. It was weird. But she was really nice! I didn't think Atlanta would be the place to meet Paprika Steen.. But yeah, life is full of surprises!
Sunday and Monday, we had an AFS mid-stay orientation. It was really awesome! Some of the kids were missing ( baah )-: ), but we had a great time. We were all at Ruth's house. We went to hear/see a lot of stuff about Dr, Martin Luther King Jr., since it was MLK's day on Monday (we had the day off because of that), and such a big part of American history/culture. We even visited the house he grew up in! 
We cooked, we played games, we stayed up all night.. That kind of stuff. We r
eally get along well. 
Then, when I came back, Monday afternoon, LeighAnn picked me up, and took me to Willy's. Willy's is a mexican fast food restaurant, and it is absolutely amazing. I go there a lot actually. 
It was a great weekend!

Today, I started Tech Crew (again) for the Musical. I do the light. It's.. okay. But it's only a week, so it's not too bad. 
Soon, Track & Field practise will start.. It's going to be hard work. But fun! A
t least, I hope so. 

I hope y'all are great back in Europe!

Michael, Guy, Alessandra, me, Pedro
Fabienne, ehm.. & Andy
Okay, that girl in the middle is not from our AFS group. I don't remember her name, but she was nice.

Ruth, Agnes, Fabienne, Pedro, Andy, Michael, the girl?
Guy, me and Alessandra
in front of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s house.

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