lørdag den 31. januar 2009

31. Januar 2009

I have been really, really busy the last couple of weeks, so I haven't updated anything in here. I apologize. I mean, I'm sure you have been dying to know what was happening. Or maybe not.. 

Last week and this week, I had tech crew every day after school! From 3.30 to 8-8.30 pm!
So yeah, they were doing a musical called Thoroughly Modern Millie. It's a really cheesy story, but it's really funny and it has a lot of fun songs and dances and stuff like that. So even though I watched it 11 times, I didn't get tired of it. 
My job was to direct one of the two followspots from the catwalk (above the audience) during songs mostly. Sometimes when they were just talking, but mostly songs. 
The first week we just practised and found out how we were supposed to move with the actors (I mean, they dance, so it definitely helps to know how they will move on stage). Then week 2, we had performances. Tuesday was open dress rehearsal, so there was an audience, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday were actually performances. The second week was so much fun! 
The shows didn't start until 7 pm, so we had to be there at 6, which meant that we had a bit of time to chill before we had to be back at school. I hung out with LeighAnn, who is in the orchestra for the musical -keyboard, most of the days, but also with Glenn and Daniel some other days. They are all great friends. So after school we would go get coffee or food, and then head back when it was time (6-6.30 pm) , do the show (7 - 10 pm) , chill a little bit more (10.30 pm), and then I'd go home, shower (11 pm), do homework (11.30 pm) and finally crash at midnight. Luckily, I didn't have a lot of homework, because I don't take a lot of classes that require homework, and I had a free period every day at school, where I could work on some of it. I do not understand at all how the &!%#§ normal kids could do that. Because they actually had tons of work to do every night (well, most of them had break downs, but I mean.. wauw).
But it was so totally worth it! I had a loooooot of fun! My techies are the best; Laura, Tyler Cooke, Tyler L, Allison, Chase and JT - we had a great time and worked very well as a team. 
Yesterday, Friday, was our last performance, so there was a cast party afterwards! We all went to Laura Nelson's house (yepp, the girl on tech crew. She is also in my Chinese class actually) and had food, cake and watched the musical on DVD. The one we did. Someone filmed it. I hope I can get a copy and bring it back home. It's a great musical. I will miss it!
After the cast party, I went to Glenn's house with Jake, Daniel, Alex Jordan and Katherine Brigman - Glenn's younger sister. We watched a movie and.. yeah. It was a great night.

On Sunday, I think I am going to watch Torrey (one of my sophomore friends) do a cheerleader competition thingy! I think it'll be interesting.. 

I hope y'all are doing well,

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